Saturday, 31 December 2016

8 years later... a progress update

Wow, it's been over 8 years since I setup this blog, and if I'm completely honest, I'd forgotten it existed!

Revisiting it, it looks like things have changed a lot since my last post, and hence the need to update things here.

The shutdown of Liberty Reserve meant that I lost a large proportion of the money I had earned through pay-to-click sites etc... This encouraged me to revisit my approach, and work out what to spend my time on, to ensure I was getting back to my principle of earning money with low risk, but additionally low effort.

I now keep it simple:

Search Lotto - This site basically pays you to use the Yahoo Search engine. It is branded under Search Lotto, but is Yahoo results, with the advertising revenue coming back to you. They pay in the form of Lottery tickets, either UK National Lottery or EuroMillions. I've not won a lot yet, but a few of my syndicates entries have won, and I've been paid out for these direct to my bank account. This is a simple one to do that doesn't cost any extra time to take part in.

YouTube - Over the last few years, I've created some YouTube videos on topics I'm pasionate about (my car, and nerdy computer tips mainly!). This hasn't earned me a lot, but it all adds up!

Website Adverts - I maintain a few websites (ever less), that (like this one), have adverts running on them. Again, we're not talking large money, but a payment of £50-60 from Google every now and then is a nice thing!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Get paid to use Yahoo Search Engine!

Wow, well I knew one of these days that I'm come across a good money maker that I'd missed. Well this is that moment.

Rather tragically, I came across some years back and ignored it (I forget why, but I wasn't on my quest for money making ideas back then).

Well, which has now changed its name to Homepage Friends (a rather naff name change if you ask me), pays you to search the web. This used to be through Google, but they have recently switched over to Yahoo as their search provider. But nothing really changes.

You goto your search page (set as your homepage for ease) e.g. mine is:
All the then have to do is use the search box to search with Yahoo. The results are no different to Yahoo's normal results, and you end up with about 2.4p (that's about $0.048) per search.

At the rate I'm going, I'll have about £250 ($500) this year from the site... that makes my quest for a few dollars here and there and lot easier!

One key point here... in my experience it seems you only get the credit for searching from your official page. So if you want to search again, go back to the homepage, don't use the box on the results page, as this doesn't appear to credit your account for the additional search!

Since this post was written, this service has been replaced by Search Lotto. Search Lotto offers free UK National Lottery, or EuroMillions lottery tickets for searches that use the Yahoo engine. This means you have the chance of winning millions of pounds just by changing the default search engine you use.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

It's been a long time, and as always the HYIP market has moved on substantially, players have come and gone at a faster pace than I'm sure they have in times past.

So where does this leave me?

Well actually in a good position, frankly the HYIPs themselves have been a bit of a disaster. I realised I was joining HYIPs too late in the day...when I thought they were safe, but in reality, I was joining them after the big rush, and therefore was there at the point their income levelled off, and therefore as they got bored.

My other site "investments" have been the real winner though....DonkeyMails and wjob particularly. wjob still takes forever to earn cash, but you do get there, and then there's $6 in the account to play with. DonkeyMails has been the real winner though. I took a look into my profile and realised I hadn't switched on all areas of interest, so I wasn't getting the full range of banners and links to click on. More links equals more cash ;) ... and DonkeyMails has a low payout threshold.

One thing while we're on the subject of DonkeyMails. They're an older player in the market, but they live on a stable piece of ground, you only get to earn if an advertiser has paid for you to click on they're very unlikely to a result, and they good reputation, they've got a huge member base, and this has slowed payouts down.

They still try to payout once a month, but it can slip a little...but hey, who cares? This is one of the most stable earners I've I'm happy just to be getting paid!

So as for the future...I think I'm going to get a lot more involved in ptc (paid-to-click) sites. Similar sites to DonkeyMails...they're a loads of them out there....I joined YouRoMail for this...but it turns out that they have few paid links, so it's not one I'd recommend really. Actually, maybe I should start a list here of ones to join...I'll look into that!

Anyway, just go do some clicking... things are really looking up!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Update following CobexTrade

Well its not been the best start to the new year. My favourite e-Currency site, Liberty Reserve, seems to be coming under sustained DDOS attacks, making the site sometimes hard to access. But worse still, CobexTrade has gone.

CobexTrade is a reminder (not that I wanted one!) that HYIPs are not just High Yield, but also High Risk. These sites come and go, and even with a very high reputation, CobexTrade has died.

So what now? Well I still have some other funds, partly earned on the GoldAge forum, which I don't think I've mentioned here before. GoldAge is a forum dedicated to investors on HYIPs etc... and it actually pays its members for posting! Not a lot admittedly, but its nice to earn at the same time as get good advice from fellow HYIP investors.

Here's my current portfolio...small as it is again now:
Golden Purse

CobexTrade has been an unpleasant reminder not to get too secure a feeling from HYIPs...I lost a lot of my egold there...but lessons will be learnt.

So now I'm planning to spread my money out...I'll invest (particularly in BreInest for a very short period) and then lift out half my funds into further sites, slowly spreading the risk, and my portfolio...hopefully this way we'll see some real increases in the funds.

I'm still using wjob and donkeymails to bring in fresh fingers crossed I'm still ontrack with my plan!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Up, Up and....

Well the money's in, and the balance is going up, currently at about 1.4% a day, which is great.

Although this is great, I'm bored already, as there's nothing more for me to do for now. So I'm continuing the wjob, and also taking on a new click site that has a quicker payout (eGoldClicks) to get some other bits up and running.

Currently, I'm planning on taking eGoldClicks to the $2 payout level and then investing it in Golden Purse, a programme that allows you to start from just $1. This will give me a contingency programme, and therefore allowing me to fully compound all interest from Cobex Trade.

Reading that back, it sounds a bit more complex than it is because of all the programmes, basically I'm using wjob to fund Cobex Trade, and eGoldClicks to fund Golden Purse.

Yet to reach the level on eGoldClicks as I literally signed up today, but earned $0.17 in the first day, at this rate I'll have my $2 quickly...yes that's a small amount, but once in a HYIP, it'll grow, so well worth the pain now, as its saving any risk on my wallet's part.

Monday, 10 December 2007


ok, so I have a confession. I'm not as clever as I thought. I forgot about the e-gold fees, and hence i needed a bit more surfing. 2 days later, I have enough to cover the fee I've done it...yes really.

Last night I got wjob to pay me my $10 (+a bit more) in e-gold...and it came through today to my e-gold account. I then went to CobexTrade and within 5 minutes of sending the gold, it was there in my new account!

So I'm setup there now. In theory I'm planning to leave all profits to compound for the full 180 days. This is more risky (and very unlike me!) but i have to get this gold growing....and with a safety net needed, I'm still surfing with just never know!

Without compounding, I would have been looking at a growth to $30 by the end of the 180 days. But with the compounding I'm looking at a staggering $84-$120 in 180 days! That's enough to start spreading the risk with some other HYIPs! That would be a very very good start.

Will keep you all informed as always!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

I did it...kind of!

So whatever became of me? Did it work? Well sort of...

It turns out that my memory isn't as good as I believed, I I'm just about to reach what I thought was my target....100000 credits on wjob. Yes, you heard me right 100000 credits...somewhere along the line I thought I needed 100000 credits.

So, yes, I made the target, just seems I'm heading for a new one! and it's taken quite a while, but in the next week, I should hit 100000, and then I'll cash in.

I now I had my sites set on that Geocities HYIP site, but it always seemed dodgy, and although its had a face-lift, the complete lack of an investment tracker is just concerning....and as its taken so long to get the egold, why would I want to put it somewhere quite that dodgy looking? (Although all these HYIPs are obviously risky...high yield, high risk)

So I've got a new target, 100000 credits (err, $10 to you and I) to spend here: It's on many HYIP sites tracked, and lots of positive forum comments, and I think has a better chance of therefore not just running off with my VERY well earned money now! So we maybe out of the Paid-to-Surf world soon, and onto the good ship HYIP...cobextrade, here I come!

It does mean waving goodbye to the cash for 6 months of course, but I think that's worth it. I believe this is a slower, more reliable payer than others...we will but see. That is, assuming my memory holds up!

So the plan now will be to put the $10 that I'll have as egold soon, into a starter package from cobextrade HYIP. After 180 days that'll be looking more like $90, or so I'm told by a compound calculator here:

Not sure what I'll do then, but logically I'll remove my investment (that huge $10!) plus a load more (say $30 more), I'll then revest the rest to start turning it into money of a more normal level! The bits I've taken out can go into other funds to spread the risk, and $20 can go in my egold account for security, the original $10, and a spare $10 in-case I lose the rest...I am the low low risk taker...remember?! ;)

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Another Month

For those of you interested....I'm upto 27000 (well, just over)'s been a good month as I'd expected:

1 May - 12000
1 Jun - 24000
1 Jul - 36000
1 Aug - 48000
1 Sep - 60000
1 Oct - 72000 - and a happy cashout!

The extra 3000 over last months target is excellent news...and if it continues, I maybe able to cashout a month early in the end....we'll see! ;)

Monday, 7 May 2007

and on, and on

ok, I confess, this is more difficult than I thought!

What with my spending the day at work, there is very little time for me to clock up the auto-surf other than the weekends.

I've reached a staggering 12000 credits with wjob now, that's a whole $1.20! Just another 58000 credits and I can cash out!

It will probably be October before I can cash out, but so long as its not costing me any time (I just start the autosurf in the background), then its gotta be worth it...and hey, if the investment pays off, it'll definitely be worth every second!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Just a quick update...I'm still working on wjob...I'm upto 20 cents so far, and although this sounds rather pathetic, it's for a reason...I've not had the machine on much recently, and I certainly don't intend to leave the machine on just to autosurf...this has to be background surfing whilst I'm online anyway.

Will keep you informed...I'm just hoping the investment on this $7, when I finally get there, doesn't lose it all....that would be rather sad after all this!!